These pages are for the 2014/2015 iteration of this course.

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The following links are to web pages for Inf1-DA in previous years. Each contains a full set of lecture slides, tutorial exercises, and more

Inf1-DA 2013/2014 Taught by Ian Stark
Inf1-DA 2012/2013 Taught by Ian Stark
Inf1-DA 2011/2012 Taught by Alex Simpson
Inf1-DA 2010/2011 Taught by Ian Stark
Inf1-DA 2009/2010 Taught by Alex Simpson
Inf1-DA 2008/2009 Taught by Alex Simpson
Inf1-DA 2007/2008 Taught by Alex Simpson
Inf1-DA 2006/2007 Taught by Helen Pain

Inf1-DA 2014–2015