Lecture 1: Introduction

Title slideThis morning’s opening lecture for the course presented a general overview of the topics in Inf1-DA, some of the motivations behind them, and information about practical arrangements. You can read all this in the slides which are also available by clicking on the title slide image to the right.

Link: Slides for Lecture 1


Read the following two things before the next lecture on Friday.

Screenshot of blog page The Inf1-DA course web pages. Obviously you’re reading one of them now (very good, well done) but you should also read through each section listed in the menu bar at the top.
Jeannette Wing Computational Thinking
Jeannette M. Wing
Communications of the ACM 49(3):33–35
DOI: 10.1145/1118178.1118215
Link: Full text online

Dr Wing is Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research, and Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.