Tutorial Exercises

The next set of exercises are up on the tutorial web page. These require you to carry out some statistical analysis of survey data about last year’s Inf1-DA students. Some of this statistics was covered in today’s lecture slides; the rest is in the slides for Friday and Tuesday. I’ve put these slides up in advance on the lecture web page so that you can look ahead. In addition, the Examples and Solutions sections of the tutorial exercises contain complete worked examples of all the necessary statistical tests.

The Inf1-DA assignment continues to run this week. Please remember to write on the front your name, matriculation number, course tutor name, group number, and the course code INF1-DA. Hand in your work by 4pm Thursday to the box outside the ITO.

If you have any questions or problems with this, then please do go along to InfBASE, ask on Piazza, or ask your course tutor.

Links:Tutorial exercises; Coursework assignment