Tutorial Solutions

I have now posted a set of notes and solutions to this week’s tutorial exercises, on Information Retrieval.

The Inf1-DA assignment is due for submission on Thursday. Please remember to write on the front your name, matriculation number, course tutor name, group number, and the course code INF1-DA. Hand in your work by 4pm Thursday to the box outside the ITO.

Some answers to questions students have asked about writing up the assignment.

  • Handwritten and typed submissions are both fine. In the exam you will have to write answers by hand. If this will cause you particular difficulty, please get in touch (and also see this web page for things we can do to help).
  • You can use pen or pencil as you wish. I recommend pen for text, and pencil for diagrams. If you use pencil for everything there is a small risk that your work may become partially erased and illegible.
  • There is no alternative of electronic submission for this coursework.
  • You can submit as early as you like. ITO staff check the box regularly, and stamp all work when it arrives.

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