Lecture 20: Course Review

da19This final lecture of the course covered arrangements for the exam, advice on revision and preparation, as well as a summary of the course topics. Following neck-and-neck voting by students on the subject poll, I gave a specific review of material XML and Xpath and went through Question 2 from last year’s exam paper.

There was also recommendation of a recent article on ways to learn, and demonstration of good and bad calculators for use in exams.

Links: Slides for Lecture 20; Video of Lecture 20; 2014 Exam Solutions and Feedback


Although lectures are now complete, I’m still available for consultation and help with exam preparation. If you have any questions about the course material, lecture content, exercises, the exam, or anything else, please:

  • Post a question on Piazza; or
  • Ask your course tutor, in person or by email; or
  • Drop in to my office hour, Wednesday 1030–1130, in IF 5.04; or
  • Ask me by email.

Finally, please complete the Informatics course survey to give your feedback on Inf1-DA. This is entirely untracked and anonymous, and I read every submission.

Link: Informatics course survey

Thank you for participating in Inf1-DA this semester.


New Scientist

Emma Young. Know it All: 10 Secrets of Successful Learning. New Scientist 3014, March 2015.

“The Casio fx-83GT Plus is the UK’s #1 Scientific Calculator allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used.”
You will be provided with one of these during your Inf1-DA exam. Do not bring your own calculator, or any other electronic device, to the exam hall.
“…combines the fun and excitement of a disco with the computational power of a calculator.”
Not permitted in any exam, anywhere. You will not be provided with one of these, but you can buy your own from the fine people at Maths Gear.