Exam Report

inf1-da-15-exam-reportThe Inf1-DA end-of-year examination had 263 students participating, with a very high proportion passing and a substantial number achieving Grade A. I have written a detailed report that includes the complete exam text together with notes on solutions and comments on the answers submitted by all of you who took the exam.

If you want to look at your own exam scripts, then please contact the ITO. You’ll need to say which exams you want to see, and arrange a date to view them there. You won’t be able to take these away, so remember to take a pen and paper for notes. (Or a pencil, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Individual scripts don’t have much detailed feedback on them, but you will be able to see your mark on each question which can help in working out which areas of the course you might wish to review.

Links: Report on exam; Access to examination scripts