Resit Examination: New Venue; Revision Tutorial

Students who did not pass Inf1-DA at the main examination in May have another opportunity at a resit examination in August. This exam follows exactly the same format as the main paper.

2014/2015 Inf1-DA Examination: Resit
Date: Thursday 20 August 2015
Time: 1430–1630
Place: Gym 4, St Leonard’s Land

Note that the venue for the exam has changed: it was earlier advertised as being in Paterson’s Land, but has now moved to St Leonard’s Land. Use the link below to confirm details for this and any other exams you are sitting — the Inf1-DA course code is INFR08015.

Links: Exam timetable; More about Inf1-DA exams

Revision Tutorial

All first and second-year Informatics courses are running revision tutorials in the first week of August. I’ll be giving the Inf1-DA one myself. If you want to attend then please register online by Wednesday 31 July. Tutorials will only run for students who have registered.

Link: Revision tutorial signup form

St Leonard’s Land

St Leonard’s Land is on Holyrood Road and houses a range of sports facilities.

Links: Map locating St Leonard’s Land; History of St Leonard’s Land

Photograph of the front of St Leonard's Land

“The rocks, which formed the background of this scene, and the very sky itself, rang with the clang of bagpipes, summoning forth, each with his appropriate pibroch, his chieftain and clan.”
Waverley, Chap. XV. Walter Scott, 1814, describing the site of St Leonard’s Land.