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Coursework Assignment and Tutorial Solutions

Next week’s tutorial exercises have been on the web pages since Monday, but I now have two new things to release.

  • Coursework assignment. Available immediately, due for submission in two weeks.

  • Notes and solutions to this week’s tutorial exercises, including files with validating XML and all the XPath queries.

Please post to Piazza or email me if you have any questions about the assignment, or the current tutorial exercises.

Lovelace Colloquium

Ada Lovelace by Sydney PaduaBCSWomen
Lovelace Colloquium 2015
Informatics Forum
Thursday 9 April 2015

One-day conference for women students of Computing and related subjects

We’re proud to be hosting the colloquium at Edinburgh this year.

The aims of the event are:

  • To provide a forum for women undergraduate and masters students to share their ideas and network;
  • To provide a stimulating series of talks from women in computing, both from academia and industry;
  • To provide both formal (talks) and informal (networking) advice to undergraduate women about careers in computing from a female perspective.

There are poster competitions for women students at all levels of study. Everyone with a poster accepted for the meeting is eligible for travel funding to attend, and there are additional cash prizes from industry sponsors.

Link: Poster contest — Enter your 250-word abstract by 28 February

The organisers are also looking for students to help coordinate social events. If you don’t want to make a poster but are interested in getting involved then please contact

See also the Edinburgh University Hoppers for women in Informatics.

Links: Lovelace Colloquium; Edinburgh University Hoppers

Tutorial Solutions

Now that this week’s tutorials are over, I have posted solutions and notes on all the exercises to the course web pages. Click on the “Notes” field in the table of tutorials.

These notes are in much the same style as the solutions given to the exercises at the back of the tutorial sheets: they aren’t exactly “model” answers; rather, they outline some possible solutions and comment on where there might be trade-offs between alternatives.

Link: Tutorial Exercises


This is the website for the first-year course Informatics 1: Data & Analysis. If you are interested in following the course then please come to the opening lecture on Tuesday morning.

Date: Tuesday 13 January 2015
Time: 1110–1200
Place: David Hume Tower (DHT) Lecture Theatre A

Note that the DHT Lecture Theatres are actually behind the Tower
itself in a distinct building.

Links: David Hume Tower (Map), Lecture Theatre A

Photograph of the entrance to the David Hume Tower Lecture Theatres
Picture credit: Matthew L., Yelp