These pages are for the 2014/2015 iteration of this course.

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Every week your course tutor will give verbal feedback on your work as part of the group meeting; you will also have the opportunity to discuss any difficulties with others in the tutorial.

Your tutor will mark your coursework assignment in the final weeks of the course, and return it to you with written comments. The course lecturer will also publish notes for you to review your own work, with sample solutions and guidance based on the submissions of all students. Following this, you will have a tutorial meeting dedicated to discussion and feedback on the assignment.

The final lecture of the semester will review what you have done in the course, giving feedback and advice on how to best prepare for the examination.

This assessment and feedback is all formative: it does not count towards your final grade, but is there to help increase your understanding and improve your work.

Inf1-DA 2014–2015