These pages are for the 2014/2015 iteration of this course.

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All Inf1-DA students have weekly meetings with their course tutor in a small group of 12–15 students. These start in Week 3 and continue each week until the end of semester, except for Innovative Learning Week. You are expected to attend all your tutorials: if you are ill or otherwise unable to attend one week then email your tutor and if possible attend another group later in the same week.

Link: Tutorial group membership, times and places; Tutor pictures

If you wish to move to a different tutorial group then please ask the ITO through their online contact form. Group size is limited, so it may not always be possible to place you in a specific group.


Each tutorial has an associated sheet of exercises. You should complete these during the week, and bring your solutions to the tutorial for discussion. For tutorials to be useful and effective, it is important that each student has read and attempted the exercises before coming to the meeting. If you have not prepared for the tutorial then you may be sent away to do the exercises and attend a later group instead.

Each exercise sheet also includes examples of questions from past exam papers, and notes on worked solutions for these. Once the tutorials are past I shall also post notes on solutions for that week’s exercises.

You are welcome to discuss your work on these exercises with other students, and ask questions on any of the discussion platforms. If you are having difficulties then drop in to InfBASE for help.

Tutorial 1 Week 3 Entity-Relationship modelling
Tutorial 2 Week 4 Relational modelling
Tutorial 3 Week 5 Relational Algebra and Tuple-Relational Calculus
Tutorial 4 Week 6 SQL: travel.odb; film.odb
Tutorial 5 Week 7 XML and XPath: restaurants.xml, restaurants-queries.txt, stext.xml, stext-queries.txt, stext-sol.xml, stext-queries-sol.txt
Tutorial 6 Week 8 Corpus Querying: CQP Tutorial
Tutorial 7 Week 9 Information Retrieval
Tutorial 8 Week 10 Statistical Analysis: survey.pdf
Tutorial 9 Week 11 Feedback on Written Assignment

Q. What would you say to students considering taking this course?

To start on their tutorial exercises earlier and not wait until the last minute like I sometimes did.

— Anonymous student on last year’s course feedback form.

Inf1-DA 2014–2015