These pages are for the 2014/2015 iteration of this course.

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Inf1-DA lectures are recorded and videos made available online.

Please note that these recordings supplement lectures by allowing you to review the material presented and later revise for the course exam. They are not intended as a substitute for attending the lectures themselves.


Some of the videos include footage of the lecture theatre. This is automated, and directed towards the lecturer and the slides. However, some parts of the audience may also appear. If you do not wish to be included then I recommend you sit towards the back or side of the lecture hall.


These should stream directly in your browser; or you can save them to view offline.

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2015-01-13 Lecture 1 Course Overview — no recording
2015-01-16 Lecture 2 Entities and Relationships
2015-01-20 Lecture 3 The Relational Model
2015-01-23 Lecture 4 From ER Diagrams to Relational Models
2015-01-27 Lecture 5 Relational Algebra
2015-01-30 Lecture 6 Tuple Relational Calculus (no audio?)
2015-02-03 Lecture 7 SQL — no recording
2015-02-06 Lecture 8 SQL Queries (no audio?)
2015-02-10 Lecture 9 Trees and XML
2015-02-13 Lecture 10 Structuring XML (no audio?)
2015-02-24 Lecture 11 Navigating XML using XPath (audio only)
2015-02-27 Lecture 12 Corpora
2015-03-03 Lecture 13 Annotation of Corpora
2015-03-06 Lecture 14 Example Corpora Applications
2015-03-10 Lecture 15 Information Retrieval – no recording yet
2015-03-13 Lecture 16 Vector Spaces for Information Retrieval
2015-03-17 Lecture 17 Data Scales and Summary Statistics
2015-03-20 Lecture 18 Hypothesis Testing and Correlation
2015-03-24 Lecture 19 χ2 Testing on Categorical Data
2015-03-27 Lecture 20 Course Review

Inf1-DA 2014–2015