Tutorial Exercises: SQL

The latest tutorial exercises are available on the tutorials web page. These are due for your next tutorial, in Week 6 which follows Innovative Learning Week.

This time you will be designing SQL queries and executing them in LibreOffice Base, an open-source desktop database application. As usual, you can do this on DICE machines or elsewhere; but if you encounter problems in setting things up then I recommend using DICE where we have already installed everything.

Previous experience suggests that this more practical tutorial may need small changes as students report unexpected properties of latest software versions. I’ll keep the version of the tutorial exercises up-to-date on the website, and post notes on Piazza when things change.

Two of the extension exercises are new: command-line access to a PostgreSQL database server; and linking this to a LibreOffice front-end. I think they are interesting to explore, but this is still experimental. Please tell me of any problems you find in the instructions, and share information about what you find works.

Link: Tutorial Exercises

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