Lecture 20: Course Review

Title slideThis afternoon’s lecture covered arrangements for the exam, advice on revision and preparation, as well as a summary of the course topics.

I also gave a demonstration of good and bad calculators for use in exams; and exhortations on developing the often underrated skill of Reading the Question.

Link: Slides for Lecture 20


Next Tuesday’s lecture will cover the following two questions from past exams, on the topics selected by poll among the students.

August 2014 May 2015
Question 1 Question 2

Before then: download these papers; read the questions; work on solutions; write those out; and bring them to the lecture.


Rocket Science
Hamilton in Apollo Command Module Margaret Hamilton
Software Engineer

Director of Apollo Flight Computer Programming for the moon landings and other NASA missions. CEO, Hamilton Technologies.

Links: Work at NASA; Hamilton Technologies

Space-X landing barge Just Read the Instructions

Space-X rocket landing barge, Pacific Ocean, 16 January 2016.

Links: Falcon 9 flight profile; Choice of name

Picture of calculator
“The Casio fx-83GT Plus is the UK’s #1 Scientific Calculator allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used.”

You may bring one of these to your Inf1-DA exam, or any other from the standard list.

Link: Use of calculators in examinations

Picture of calculator
“…combines the fun and excitement of a disco with the computational power of a calculator.”

Not permitted in any exam, anywhere. Awesome nonetheless. Buy one from the fine people at Maths Gear.

“…a party in your pencil case…“