Exam Information

I’ve posted more information about Monday’s exam to the exams web page, based on queries on the Piazza group:

  • There are two exam halls, divided by surname;
  • The exam is closed-book;
  • Please write in blue or black ink, with pencil for diagrams;
  • Bring a scientific calculator from the permitted list.

Results are published on EUCLID, usually within a week of the Board of Examiners meeting. This year that meeting is timetabled for 9 June, so you should know your results for Informatics courses by Friday 17 June. Other Schools will have different timetables.

If your examination performance on the day is seriously affected by circumstances outside your control, then tell your Personal Tutor about this as soon as possible. They can, if appropriate, help you prepare and submit a Special Circumstances case to be taken into account by the Board of Examiners. This can only be done before the Board meeting, so please don’t wait until after the results are out — that’s too late.

Get some rest this weekend, and I wish you well for Monday.

Link: Information about Inf1-DA exams