Exam Paper

Picture of exam cover sheetCongratulations to everyone who followed through Inf1-DA this year. I understand some students were asked to leave question papers in the exam hall, while others took them away. There was no need for the invigilators to do this, although there are other courses that retain these. For everyone who left their exam paper behind but would still like to review the questions, I’m posting a copy here.

  • This is not the precise PDF used in the exam, so there may be discrepancies. If you find any differences, please let me know.

I won’t write the feedback report until marking is complete. However, you are welcome to ask questions and discuss your own solutions over on the Piazza group.

The pass mark is 40%. Students scoring below this may be able to sit another exam in the August diet: contact your Personal Tutor once results are out.

Links: Exam Questions; Piazza discussion