Exam Results

Exam results are now appearing on EUCLID, and you should see the outcome of all your courses there by the end of this week. There were 207 students sitting Inf1-DA this year: a very large proportion of the class passed, many with Grade A. These are excellent results, congratulations.

If you have questions or concerns about any of your results then contact your Personal Tutor to discuss this further.

For those who failed and will be retaking the exam, there will be a second sitting some time between Monday 8 and Friday 19 August. The exact timetable of resit examinations will be published on Monday 18 July. I’ll also run a resit preparation tutorial the week before the exam.

Link: Exam timetable information

You may be able to take the Inf1-DA resit exam in your home country, if outside the UK. Follow the link below for more details: applications must be in soon, by Tuesday 21 June at the latest.

Link: Overseas Resit Examination Service

If you want to look at your own exam scripts, then please contact the ITO. You’ll need to say which exams you want to see, and arrange a date to view them there. You won’t be able to take these away, so remember to take a pen and paper for notes. (Or a pencil, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Individual scripts don’t have much detailed feedback on them, but you will be able to see your mark on each question which can help in working out which areas of the course you might wish to review.

Link: Access to examination scripts