Another Resit Tutorial

I’m repeating Tuesday’s exam practice tutorial on Thursday afternoon. You don’t need to sign up in advance, but you do need to do a practice paper beforehand: instructions below.

Inf1-DA Exam Practice Tutorial
Date: Thursday 4 August 2016
Time: 1400–1600
Place: Forrest Hill, 1B.04

The plan for the session is that you complete a past paper in advance and on Thursday afternoon we collaboratively mark everyone’s work. I’ll provide guidance on marking and solutions, and you get feedback on your own work as well as help with preparing and understanding good exam solutions.

Here’s the procedure.

  • Print out the Inf1-DA exam paper from August 2014.
  • Work through the paper under exam conditions: timed, closed-book. Do this on paper, so you can exchange it with other students for marking.
  • Bring the exam paper and your exam script to the Thursday meeting.

At the meeting itself we’ll exchange scripts between groups of students, and I’ll talk you through working out a mark for them. We’ll also discuss exam preparation and technique.

Link: August 2014 exam paper

I know that some other tutorials may be using students’ exam scripts from the summer sitting. You are welcome to view your own scripts (please contact the ITO to make an appointment) and you may find this a helpful way to identify areas for study.

However, I shall not be using those scripts for this revision session. In Inf1-DA, details of questions are not repeated from the first sitting to the second in the same year. In this case, I do not think close study of the May exam is a particularly good way to prepare for the August one.

Link: Viewing your marked exam script