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How to Change Your Tutorial Group

If you have a timetable clash and need to change your Inf1-DA tutorial group, or don’t even have a group at all yet, then please contact me directly.

Do not contact Gregor — he will only redirect you to me. I’m batching up changes to keep the groups balanced, and he won’t make one-off changes without my approval.

You are welcome to speak to me after lectures. That can be quite busy, though, so you may find it easier to do by email:

  • Send an email to me,
  • Send it from your university email address (remember, that’s not
  • If you have already been assigned a group, then say why you are unable to attend it (clash with Philosophy Lecture; need to collect child from nursery; etc.)
  • Give a list of all the times you cannot attend an Inf1-DA tutorial, out of Monday 9, 10, 11, 13, 15; Tuesday 9, 10, 13, 15, 16; and Wednesday 9, 11.

I shall then work out suitable changes to ensure all students can attend their tutorials.


  • Send me your name and the name of someone else willing to exchange tutorial groups with you.

This one I should always be able to do.

Link: Current tutorial allocations for Inf1-DA