These pages are for the 2015/16 session of this course.

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Front pageAs well as the weekly tutorial exercises there is a more substantial written assignment based on previous exam questions, which will be marked by your course tutor.

Your tutor will mark your work and return it to you in your Week 11 tutorial, with written and verbal feedback as well as a mark and grade. However, these marks will not affect your final grade for Inf1-DA — this formative assessment is entirely for your feedback and learning. Because of this you can freely share help on the questions, discuss on Piazza, and talk about your work with other students. Please do.

Links: Written Assignment; Submission Deadlines and Requests for Extensions; Solutions and Feedback

Week 7 Thursday 3 March Sheet posted on this web page
Week 9 Thursday 17 March Submit by 4pm to box outside ITO
Week 11 28–30 March Work returned in tutorials

Inf1-DA 2015–2016