Festival of Creative Learning

As noted in Tuesday’s lecture, next week gives a break from all classes with the University’s Festival of Creative Learning. There’s a cascade of events at the calendar and blog; I’ve just picked out a few here that I liked.

Links: Festival home page; Event calendar; Blog

Picture of baked goods Mathematical Bake-Off
Monday 20 February

“Leading mathematicians from the School will explain their cutting-edge research using delicious pastries”

Links: Book event; More information

Workshop poster Data and Democracy
Monday 20 February

Data collection and digital footprint; workshops on mass surveillance, anonymity and advertising.

Links: Book event; More information

Escape with Fermat’s Lost Proof
Wednesday 22/Thursday 23 February

Find the missing proof and escape the locked room.

Links: Book Wednesday; Book Thursday; More information

Escher tesselation
From www.mcescher.com
Exploring Escher: Mathematical Printmaking
Wednesday 22 February

Create your own linocut prints.

Link: Book event