Lecture 20: Course Review

Title slide

Slides : Recording

This morning’s lecture covered arrangements for the exam, advice on revision and preparation, as well as a summary of the course topics.

There was also a demonstration of calculators for use in exams (or not); and encouragement to work on the often underrated skill of Reading the Question.

Links: Slides for Lecture 20; Recording; Exam information

What Next?

Download these two exams from last year; read the questions; work on solutions; write those out; and bring them to the lecture on Friday.

May 2016 August 2016
Question 1 Question 3

In the lecture I shall present worked answers to the questions for you to compare with yours.

I also recommend watching Matt Parker interview Sam Headleand about her DIY Disco Calculator. Because I think it’s fun.

Link: DIY Disco Calculator

Rocket Science
Space-X landing barge Just Read the Instructions

Space-X rocket landing barge, Pacific Ocean.

Links: Falcon 9 launch profile; Choice of name

Picture of calculator
“The Casio fx-83GT Plus is the UK’s #1 Scientific Calculator allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used.”

You may bring one of these to your Inf1-DA exam, or any other from the standard list.

Link: Use of calculators in examinations

Picture of calculator
“…combines the fun and excitement of a disco with the computational power of a calculator.”

Not permitted in any exam, anywhere. Awesome nonetheless. I got mine from the fine people at Maths Gear.

“…a party in your pencil case…“