Lecture 21: Exam Preparation

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In this final lecture I reviewed two questions from last year’s exams: one on entity-relationship modelling and database queries; and another on statistics and hypothesis testing. The slides give details of the questions and some possible answers, with notes on which elements are important in preparing a solution.

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Still Alive

Although lectures are now complete, I’m still available for consultation and help with exam preparation. If you have any questions about the course material, lecture content, exercises, the exam, or anything else, please:

  • Post a question on Piazza; or
  • Ask your course tutor, in person or by email; or
  • Ask me by email.
978 Bookland

Map of Fiction IslandThe international standard for product barcodes uses a range of three-digit country codes to indicate origin. The longstanding ISBN coding for books was folded into this scheme by assigning it to “country” code 978 — that’s Bookland.

The map on the right is Fiction Island from Jasper’s Fforde’s Thursday Next series.

Around ten years ago, Bookland started to run out of numbers and annexed previously unoccupied territory in code 979. This now includes region 979-0 reserved for sheet music — Musicland.

Links: Wikipedia on Bookland

Minnie's Melodyland