Exam on Tuesday

Entrance to Pleasance Sports CentreThe Inf1-DA exam is on Tuesday morning, tomorrow, in The Pleasance Sports Hall.

Some final notes about marks and grades, in response to questions raised in this and other courses.

  • The exam is trying to assess what you know, understand, and can do from among the topics covered in the course. The questions are written to be straightforward: read each question, and try to give what it asks for.
  • You get to keep all your marks: there’s no scaling, curving, or rescaling to fit some grade profile. The exam is not there to try and rank students into any predetermined bell curve.
  • There’s no competition. Your mark depends on your submission alone: not on how anyone else performs in the exam. You don’t have to beat others to a good mark, or worry about anyone else getting ahead of you.

Once you complete the exam, the first round of marking takes a couple of weeks; followed by internal and external review of the results, with particular attention to borderline cases. The release date for final results on MyEd/EUCLID is 23┬áJune 2017, and I’ll publish a feedback report during the summer.

To all of you taking the course: thank you for your participation in lectures, tutorials, on Piazza and by email. You’ve been great, and I wish you all the best tomorrow and for the future.

Bottlenose dolphin with young.

Photo: Peter Asprey

So long, and thanks for all the fish.