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Exam Results

Picture of buntingAll exam results should now be available through EUCLID. A total of 278 students sat the Inf1-DA exam this year, with over 95% passing and very many achieving Grade A. Those are excellent results, congratulations.

I’ll publish a more detailed feedback report later, with information about student solutions to all of the exam questions. If you have questions or concerns about your result in this or any other course then contact your Personal Tutor to discuss this further.
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Student Course Feedback

Screenshot of survey pagePlease fill out the short online feedback survey for Inf1-DA. This is organised centrally by the University, with all results sent to the individual course organiser and to the Director of Teaching. I read every comment individually, and for Informatics courses we post results online to help other students choosing courses for the future.

Thank you.

Feedback for this course: Informatics 1: Data & Analysis
All surveys on MyEd: Course Enhancement Questionnaires
Reports from previous years: Student Course Feedback

British National Corpus

In the most recent tutorial exercises you used the cqp tool to search a 3-megaword Dickens corpus. We also have the 96-megaword British National Corpus installed under cqp which you can explore by selecting BNC at the commmand line.

$ cqp -e
[no corpus]> BNC
BNC> AllWords = [word="[a-zA-Z].*"]
BNC> size AllWords

This has part-of-speech and lemma information like the Dickens corpus, using the Claws 5 POS tag set. As this corpus is much larger you will find queries take noticeably longer to execute.

I also recommend reading the following article on the design and creation of the BNC.

This includes information about text corpora in general, as well as specific details about how the BNC came about.