These pages are for the 2016/17 session of this course.

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Inf1-DA lectures are twice weekly throughout Semester 2 in Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 4. To participate in the course you should attend all lectures and carry out the homework set between them.

Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 4
Tuesday 1110–1200
Friday 1410–1500

Links: Appleton Tower (Map); Lecture Theatre 4

Lecture Log

Lecture handout PDF will appear here before the lecture itself; after the lecture I’ll post a blog entry with slides and references, then link to that instead.


  1. Course Overview

Part I: Structured Data

  1. Entities and Relationships
  2. The Relational Model
  3. From ER Diagrams to Relational Models
  4. Relational Algebra
  5. Tuple Relational Calculus
  6. Lecture 7: SQL
  7. Lecture 8: SQL Queries

Part II: Semistructured Data

  1. Trees and XML
  2. Structuring XML
  3. Navigating XML using XPath
  4. Corpora
  5. Annotation of Corpora
  6. Example Corpora Applications

Part III: Unstructured Data

  1. Information Retrieval
  2. Vector Spaces for Information Retrieval
  3. Summary Statistics
  4. Hypothesis Testing and χ²
  5. Data Scales; Correlation and Causation


  1. Course Review
  2. Exam Preparation

Q. What did you find most valuable about the course?

A. Great lectures, informative and interesting.

— Anonymous student giving feedback on last year’s course.

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