I have put more course material online.

  • Notes and solutions for Tutorial 4, with a LibreOffice Base file of SQL queries.

  • Exercises for Tutorial 6, with instructions for the CQP tool you will be using.

Link: Tutorial exercises and notes

Regrettably, there is no recording of Lecture 13 from 2017. Last year’s blog post has slides and references; for video you might do best to go back to the course from 2014/15.

As I write this, the University and Colleges strike is still set to run from Monday to Thursday this week.
Universities UK and UCU have agreed to further talks mediated by the conciliation service ACAS. These will begin tomorrow. However, UUK have not conceded that any of the disputed pension changes are open to review and the strike action continues.

Link: Union statement on further talks

I think it’s excellent that we are now seeing some talks, but I haven’t yet heard anything from UUK suggesting progress toward any actual change. Several university vice-chancellors, though, have made such commitments for their own universities. Here at Edinburgh the Principal, Prof. Mathieson, is meeting with staff on Monday after a 300+ professors sent him an open letter.

(The reason for this being limited to professors is because they have a formal role in the governing of the University as part of the Senate.)

Link: Letter to University Principal

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