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Today’s lecture presented information about the exam — when, what and where — as well as a summary of course topics and advice on exam preparation.

Based on feedback from tutors and students, I went through details of one of the past exam questions. This involved building relational tables to capture a particular Entity-Relationship diagram, where there was some trickiness in how to capture constraints on the central relationship.

There was also a brief demonstration of calculators for use in exams (or not); and encouragement to work on the often underrated skill of Reading the Question.

Links: Slides for Lecture 20; Recording of Lecture 20; Exam information

Follow These Instructions
  1. Locate and download the Inf1-DA exam paper from May 2017.

  2. Read Question 1 and Question 2.

  3. Work through both questions and write out your answers on paper.

    When doing this it’s fine to look at past lectures, read your notes, look things up, and ask for help from others. This is about practising to write exam answers that are as good as you can make them.

  4. Bring your solutions along to the lecture on Tuesday.

In the lecture I shall explain some sample solutions and guide you through marking your own.

I also recommend watching Matt Parker interview Sam Headleand about her DIY Disco Calculator. I think it’s fun.

Link: DIY Disco Calculator

Rocket Science
Space-X landing barge Just Read the Instructions

Space-X rocket landing barge, Pacific Ocean.

Links: Falcon 9 launch profile; Choice of name

Picture of calculator
“The Casio fx-83GT Plus is the UK’s #1 Scientific Calculator allowed in every UK exam where a calculator can be used.”
Picture of calculator
“…combines the fun and excitement of a disco with the computational power of a calculator.”
You may bring one of these to your Inf1-DA exam, or any other from the standard list.

Link: Use of calculators in examinations

Unlikely to be allowed in any exam, anywhere. Because it’s distractingly awesome. I got mine from the fine people at Maths Gear.

“…a party in your pencil case…“

Lecture 20: Course Review