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This lecture picked up on the homework from last Friday: working through two questions from last year’s Inf1-DA exam. The slides give a guide to solutions for every section, and in the lecture itself I also gave guidance on how to mark and grade your own answers.

Links: Slides for Lecture 21; Recording of Lecture 21

Follow These Instructions
  1. Locate and download the main and resit Inf1-DA exam papers 2017. For this you will need to find the library website with past papers.

  2. Read Question 3 from each paper.

  3. Work through and write out answers to both questions.

    When doing this it’s fine to look at past lectures, read your notes, look things up, and ask for help from others. This is about practising to write exam answers that are as good as you can make them.

  4. Bring your solutions along to the lecture on Tuesday.

In the lecture I shall explain some sample solutions and guide you through marking your own. I’ll also be available to discuss individual questions about your own answers and the course content.

Stories for People Who Like Stories
Twitter, 28 March 2018

Software developer Katy Ereira tackles the tricky issue of library classification and obstructive stereotyping.

Link: Twitter post; Ereira’s home page

Lecture 21: Practice Exam Questions