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This final lecture went through two more questions from last year’s Inf1-DA exams. The slides give a guide to solutions and in the recording there is also information on how to mark and grade your own answers.

Links: Slides for Lecture 22; Recording of Lecture 22

Exam Preparation Tutorials

As mentioned earlier on the blog and in Piazza, a number of Inf1-DA tutors have offered to run exam preparation tutorials where you sign up to work through a mock paper which the tutor will mark with grade, comments and feedback. This is entirely optional: if you would like to do this then please follow these instructions.

  • Locate and download the written coursework assignment for Inf1-DA 2016/17.
  • Choose a time and tutor at http://is.gd/da18extra
  • Complete the mock exam paper, writing out your answers in full with pen and paper.
  • Contact the tutor to find out how they want you to submit your work. Tutor email addresses are available from the tutorial membership page. Depending on whether you and your tutor are in Edinburgh or away you might submit on paper to the ITO or by mailing them a scan or photograph of your work.
  • Submit your work by 4pm Wednesday 18 April.
  • The tutor will mark your work, writing comments and feedback.
  • Attend the tutorial. You will get your work back from the tutor and have a chance to discuss feedback with the tutor and other students in the group.

Please note that the tutors have been organising this beyond the usual course plans and outside regular teaching weeks so things may be a little rough around the edges. I think it’s a good plan, though, and hope we can make it succeed. If you have any questions then mail the tutor or me and we’ll try to help.

Photo of SpaceX landing barge OK, so maybe it is rocket science. But you’ll be fine.
Lecture 22: More Practice Exam Questions