The main exam sitting for Inf1-DA completed this morning. The ITO will now gather the 300 or so exam scripts and pass them to the marking team to start work. We expect to take a week or two on the first round of marking; followed by internal and external review of the results, with particular attention to borderline cases. These are then combined with marks from your other courses to determine progression to second-year study. Once this is all completed then Informatics results will be released through EUCLID/MyEd.

By our current schedule we expect to return Informatics 1 results some time between 27 June and 3 July: and in any case as soon as possible within that.

Link: More information on exam results

If your exam sitting today was seriously affected by ill-health or other circumstances outside your control then please mail immediately the Informatics Student Support Team at or contact your Personal Tutor.

Link: More information on special circumstances

To everyone taking the course: thank you for taking part — in lectures, tutorials, on Piazza, by email, and dropping by to ask questions. You are what makes Inf1-DA happen, you’ve done a great job at that, and I look forward to seeing you later on in you degree study here.

Screenshot of openclipart search results for "bird feeder" Punxsutawney Phil
High-precision information retrieval at Openclipart Punxsutawney Phil inspects his shadow. Picture by Anthony Quintano on Flickr