SunshineAll Inf1-DA exam results were published yesterday, a day ahead of schedule. There were around 305 exam submissions, with over 95% passing and a large proportion awarded Grade A. That’s really excellent work, congratulations to you all.

You should be able to see your own results through EUCLID. These are private to you and there is no public listing of marks or grades.

Exam cover page
Exam Paper

I’m posting my copy of the exam paper: an official version of the original will eventually appear in the Exam Papers Online service from the University Library.

I’ll publish a more detailed feedback report later, with information about each of the exam questions and how students tackled them. If you have questions or concerns about your result in this or any other course then contact Student Support or your Personal Tutor as soon as possible. You can drop in to see the ITO student support team in Appleton Tower 6.05 or email them

Links: Exam Paper; Informatics Student Support

Resit Exam

For those who failed this time and are retaking the exam, there will be a second sitting some day between Monday 6 and Saturday 18 August. The exact timetable of resit examinations will be published during the week beginning 23 July. You don’t need to register to take the resit, but you do need to be present in Edinburgh: there are no arrangements for taking any Informatics exams outside the UK. There is a reassessment fee for sitting this exam; the fee is charged after the resit results are out.

Links: Exam timetable information; Resit fee; Exam FAQ (search for “Resit”)

I shall run an exam preparation tutorial some time in the week starting 30 July. If you are planning to take the resit and would like to attend the tutorial then please register online.

Link: Exam preparation tutorial

Viewing Exam Scripts

If you want to look at your own exam scripts, then please contact the ITO. You’ll need to say which exams you want to see, and arrange a date to view them there. You won’t be able to take these away, so remember to take a pen and paper for notes. (Or a pencil, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Individual scripts don’t have much detailed feedback on them, but you will be able to see your mark on each question which can help in working out which areas of the course you might wish to review.

Exam Results