Tomorrow’s slides

Tomorrow we will talk about deductive databases and, in particular, Datalog. The slides are available if want to have a look before class, but I’m adding a couple of further examples I would like to show you tomorrow. I will then upload the final version of the slides after class.

Good news

One of the best students who took the DBS course with me last year will be joining the class as a tutor. I’m still waiting for confirmation from the ITO, but a new tutorial group should be added on Thursdays @ 4pm in 3.D01. Hopefully this way we will manage to accomodate all students, especially those who are not yet allocated to any group. A fourth tutorial group might be added if the new tutor will be allowed to take more than one post, and subject to availability of rooms. This would further reduce the number of students per group, which would be ideal. Let’s hope for the best.