Future Talks


Date: 20th of February

Talk by Dr Tom Flint

Title: An infrastructure for exploring the mixed reality continuum with children: Minecraft, Mixed Reality, and Jupiter Artland.


As mixed reality technology becomes ubiquitous the boundary between the digital and the real is increasingly blurred.  Our work involves creating a framework of experiences where we can afford transition across and within a continuum of realities.  Our first task was to recruit an extraordinary real world space and to this end we have worked in collaboration with Jupiter Artland. In order to ensure that each aspect of our framework was meaningful and relevant to children, we co-created each element with the same class of children over a period of three years. Our initial investigation involved building a virtual facsimile of the sculpture park in Minecraft which concentrated on contextual rather than faithful representation.  After constructing the virtual we developed a mixed reality game that was played simultaneously in the real world and on Minecraft. This game was then developed as a stand alone Android app.  We now have a foundational framework through which we can explore engagement with Jupiter Artland within and across a variety of realities.


Tom started as a BT apprentice. BT paid for him to undertake part time study and he gained a place at Royal Holloway University of London studying a BSc in Computer Science and Management Studies. During his final year at University Tom founded a publishing company which launched two titles, The Lock a guide for Camden and Sleaze Nation a youth culture and style guide magazine that is considered influential.
Tom spent much of the nineties launching digital projects that had short lives, DJing badly in the trendiest clubs in London and being a stereotypical Shoreditch type. He was eventually recruited by Urban Outfitters when they launched in Europe. He worked there for some time, started a family, left work and studied an MA in Digital Media at London Metropolitan University.
Tom has worked in higher education for over 15 years, his first job was teaching HTML to prisoners who had never seen the Web. Tom has a history of making and exhibiting bespoke electronic devices and experiences.  He has recently graduated from a PhD titled “Appropriating interaction.”


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