Presentation-Sara Albakry

Sara Albakry has kindly offered to be our first presenter.  Tuesday the 14th of November at 4-5 pm in Informatics Forum 

Title: Can People read URLs?

Summary:  Phishing is one of the most common and expensive cyberattacks worldwide. Despite the effort to automatically detect and block known phishing communications, automated solutions are not fully accurate allowing undetected phishing communications to get through. Therefore, training people to avoid such communications is important.
Within the space of anti-phishing user training, a common advice given to people asks them to make sure that the URL they intend to click on will go to the company they want to visit. We theorize that people have difficulty parsing a URL and therefore can’t accurately predict where a URL could go. To test our theory, we ran an online experiment with 2013 participants from Amazon Mechanical Turk and Prolific Academic, combined; with the aim of answering the question: can people read URLs accurately in optimal conditions In this talk, I will explain the motivation behind this study, the design of the online experiment and preliminary results.

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