Touchscreen improvements

A number of people have commented that there is a certain irony in the touchscreens being on late at night, displaying messages asking us to turn off screens. I passed on these comments to Ian Durkacz, who looks after the touchscreens, asking if  it would it be possible to have the screensavers set to come on only in the day time. Ian writes:

Now that the necessary changes have worked their way through our release system, I have changed the setup of the touchscreens so that:

  • during business hours (currently declared to be 8:30 to 17:30, but easily changed) the current screensaver will be in effect;
  • outside business hours, the screensaver will just be a blank screen.

This should all be active now. Any problems or comments, let me know.

I regard this as a ‘temporary’ fix; the final plan will be to have the touchscreen machines truly *sleeping* outside of business hours, but wakeable at  the touch of a screen. I *think* that this should be possible, but there are a  few related things to get sorted out first.

Anyway, I hope the current change reduces the confusion caused by the touchscreens actively displaying ‘please turn off your monitor’ messages at 3am in the morning …

Note that I have exempted the ground floor touchscreen from all of this handling: it’s a special case.

Thanks to Ian for working on this.

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