Live energy display now live

The live energy display I mentioned in June is now appearing in the sequence of images and videos on the plasma screen by the entrance. You’ll need to wait a maximum of about 15 minutes for it to appear.

If you’d rather not stand around waiting, you can also view the information via this web page. Now’s a nice time to look, as it looks as though we are on track to use 15% less electricity in 2012 than we did in 2011!

Thanks to Dougie Williams in Estates and Buildings for working with  Meterology to generate the web page from the University’s metering system, and to our COs Jennifer Oxley and Alison Downie for putting the page into the screen’s playlist.

More thanks are due to Dougie for making tweaks to the building controls that are probably responsible for a chunk of the savings. Computing and office energy use is also down, so thanks are also due to Computing Support and everyone who has been turning off equipment and putting machines to sleep.


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