Progress on pantry lighting

Dave Hamilton, building superintendent, has reported some welcome news on pantry lighting in his email to if-people:

There has been a long standing problem in the Forum whereby pantry area lighting is tied to the main stairwell lighting and the areas are being unnecessarily lit at night.

Work is due to begin this coming Thursday  (24th Jan.) to place the pantry area lights on a separate circuit with individual PIRs. This will stop them coming on with the stair lights but will bring them on if anyone enters the area in the evenings.

The work will involve annexing an area usually reserved for seating and the corresponding area on the floor above. The areas will usually be out of operation for two days at a time.

Normal access to the sink and associated facilities will be maintained but the seating will be limited.

Current Schedule:

East Side pantries:
Thu. 24th: MF2 (floor), Level 3 (3.41) ceiling
Fri 25th: Level 3 (3.41) floor, Level 2 (2.42) ceiling
Mon. 28th: Level 2 (2.42) floor, Level 1 (1.36) ceiling

Work will then move on to the west side pantries:
Tue. 29th: Level 5 (5.01) ceiling
Wed. 30th: Level 5 (5.01) floor, Level 4 (4.01) ceiling
Thu. 31st: Level 4 (4.01) floor, Level 3 (3.01) ceiling
Fri. 1st: Level 3 (3.01) floor, Level 2 (2.01) ceiling
Mon 2nd: Level 2 (2.01) floor, Level 1 (1.01) ceiling

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience whilst we and E+B try to limit unnecessary energy consumption within the Forum.

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