Keeping the lights off

Seminar Room Light Switch

Seminar Room Light Switch

The Social Responsibility and Sustainability department have teamed up with the servitors to pass on details of energy-wasting “incidents”. We seem to be doing fairly well in the Forum, with only four incidents since February, all to do with lights left on, particularly in G.07. So please, remember to turn the lights off when you vacate a  seminar room.

Here’s what the energy-saving reports look like:

Weekly energy saving report for the 7 days ending 10 Jul 2016

We’re sending you this summary because you are listed as a stakeholder or energy coordinator for this building. If that’s not correct, please get in touch and we will update our records.

This summary is based upon routine security checks of almost every University building. When lights or equipment are left switched on, or when windows and doors are left open, an action is taken (e.g. lights switched off) and a record is kept.

These checks have happened for years, but these weekly summary reports allow us to let you know about these issues for the first time in the hope that we can help you to address them.

Monthly summary

  • So far this month there have been 1 issues.
  • That’s a 34% increase in issues compared to the last 2 months.

This week

  • There were 1 issues this week. That’s higher than average.

They were…

A sustainability issue has been reported here.

  • Incident number: ASEC-2016-012304
  • Reported: Wed, 06 Jul 16 05:02:21 +0100
  • Type: Lights Turned Off (Large Office\Classroom)
  • Severity: Over 20 Lights
  • Summary: 20 x Lights in G7 20 x Lights in 4.33 Both large Classrooms/Meeting rooms. Lights turned off.


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