Passive Monitoring


Profile Translation WARNING 1/4 WARNING: Service checked passively

If you’re getting this warning for a service which is checked passively by default, the solution is simple: just disable active checking!

It seems as if a more appropriate message would be something along the lines of “WARNING: cannot perform active checking” or similar. Still, now I know, if it saves someone else attempting to re-enable every option three times over… or reading documentation…

2 thoughts on “Passive Monitoring

  1. sxw

    Do you actually find that Profile Translation gives these warnings though? Nagios should disable active checking for the ‘Profile Translation’ service by default.

  2. gdutton Post author

    You’re right, it’s disabled by default, but that doesn’t stop you accidentally setting it on and wondering why desperately turning everything “back on” would continue to cause such warnings. It doesn’t help that the status flicks back to ‘OK’ from time to time in this state (when? not sure), which left me doubting myself for ages…

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