moving a machine – reiteration

Because I always miss a step, my procedure for moving a machine across wires. Corrections welcome because I’ve probably forgotten something this time, too.


Add the following to the machine profile (adjusting eth0 as appropriate).

#include <dice/options/dhcp.h>
!network.ipaddr_eth0         mSET(DHCP)
!dhclient.cluster            mSET(dhcp/all)

I prefer to reboot to be completely sure it’s taken effect; if nothing else this gets kernel updates, fsck, etc. out of the way. Once safely on DHCP, it’s OK to alter the wire header.  Alter this while the machine is powering down and when it’s down, alter its DNS entry; this allows time for DNS changes to propagate naturally during the move.


At the new location, update port and conserver assignments, and check that the DNS updates have propagated to the appropriate services before powering on the machine.

Once you’ve confirmed that it has received an (appropriate) IP address, remove the DHCP resources added above. Optionally restart networking.

3 thoughts on “moving a machine – reiteration

  1. squinney

    You do not need these lines as they are already done by the dhcp.h header.

    !network.ipaddr_eth0 mSET(DHCP)
    !dhclient.cluster mSET(dhcp/all)

  2. gdutton Post author

    I hadn’t spotted the latter resource being added, though I’ve now spotted them. Duly corrected.

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