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gnome-mount without GUI

Just because I use twm, doesn’t mean I don’t want user-space mounting. So I use gnome-mount without invoking the whole gnome desktop environment. It appears impenetrable from the shell (though its man page is somewhat more useful).

The key is in the ‘-t -v’ options, which enable verbose console output rather than the useless X dialogs.

A simple mounting example:

$ gnome-mount -tv -d /dev/sdb1 [-m mountlabel]

where /dev/sdb1 is your device to mount, and mountlabel will be a subdirectory of /media (often ‘disk’ by default).

gnome-umount works in the same way:

$ gnome-umount -tv -m mountlabel

There’s plenty more configuration to be had, but sometimes you just want to look at a disk.