linuxcon Europe 2013 Edinburgh EICC – Day 1

So after travelling to exotic locations like Philidelphia and….Newcastle I get to go to Linuxcon which is a brisk 15 minute walk from the office. I was late leaving the house, getting to the office to change and fortunately enough so were the Linux Foundation people in starting the conference. Huge registration queue on arrival led to the organisers taking the sensible approach of advising people to just go to the keynote and register later. Sensible thing to do and seems to have worked out quite well.

I’m taking a mix and match approach to the schedule apart from the fact I’m interested in the opendaylight stuff and will probably go for a bunch of those talks.

Keynote State of the Union address by Jim Zemlin started 30 minutes late and led to eh rest of the day running 30 mins behind schedule. Very upbeat and whilst I’d tend to agree with most of it I have a slightly queasy feeling about including android with linux. For me it lives in a strange cul-de-sac of not quite being proprietary and not quite being linux. This theme was continued in the next talk “We won. What’s next.” Which suggested that the open-source community not rest on it’s laurels having turned a hobby OS into a world leader and creating open source hardware but extend the same attitude of openness and cooperation to other fields such as prosthetics and drug development.

Next up Big Data for Good or Evil Lessons from the NSA PRISM scandal. TBH I was kind of hoping for an in depth security analysis starting from the revelations and suggesting where to go next. Instead Jason Bloomberg talked around Management issues in handing BIG data, it was all good stuff but missing something.

Last one before lunch Software Defined Networking in CloudStack. Pretty good talk through of virtualised networks from the cloudstack point of view not really a subject I know a lot about (but a little bit more now).

then there was lunch…. huge lunch break, restarted at…..well not restared yet at 2.46…..maybe we should have used this time to try and grab back some of the 30 minutes delay introduced into the programme.

More to follow.

Recent Advances in Linux Tracing – Elena Zannoni, Oracle
fairly comprehensive coverage of the current state of linux kernel tracing tools again not an area of expertise for me but very interesting, Some points; oracle are porting Dtrace to linux (slowly), distribution kernels tend to lag so far behind that the kernel developers are using tools (and versions of tools) that are not available to the end user

Grand Unification of ACPI-Based Device Hot-Plug – Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel Corp.
Really was everything I didn’t want to know about ACPI and was afraid to ask. A very low level talk about the workings of ACPI hotplug at the kernel level.
slides (I dare you)

Everything I know about the cloud I learned from Game of Thrones.
I had three things I could have gone to, after the ACPI talk I needed something….lighter and this certainly delivered basically a tapestry of cloud wisdom stiched together with aphorisms from the programme…..and actually less spoilers than suggested at the start.

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