linuxcon Europe 2013 Edinburgh EICC – Day 2

Small child was annoying this morning so thankfully I’d decided to park the bike just outside the EICC and change in the toilets because there was no time to walk from the office.

So keynotes mainly concentrating on the cloud.

Introduction from Mat Devine

A panel on cloud computing
including a question from Colin Higgs from engineering. Mostly is was all about cloud and agile development, getting products to service quickly and difficulties working with companies that are still working on bare metal.

Keynote: Fueling Samsung R&D Innovation with Collaborative Open Source Development – Yannick Pellet, Vice President – Advanced Software Platform, Samsung Research America
Samsung has gone from an open source consumer to producer and are engaging with the open source community. They have set up a development lab to become involved in the community all a number of levels from developing their own code, through developing upstream and evangalising within other units in the company.

An Introduction to OpenDaylight’s First Release, Chris Wright Red Hat
gave a good overview of the opendaylight architecture. opendaylght is a project to provide a SDN abstracting out a controller into a number of layers from shims controlling the bare metal devices (mostly via openflow but also via snmp and various cli)

OpenDaylight In Practice, Giovanni Meo
This is a more in depth description of the core controller, this is a distributed/clustered logical controller which uses an abstracted software layer to provide an api to service a number of protocols which describe the network. The code is written in JAVA or other jvm languages. sadly this was in too much depth so I bailed to get to:

HPC computing
A good overview ofthe current state of the art with some specifics about how higher end specialised equipment (NUMA.GPU,Xeon5…) has found an io bandwidth issue…for example gpu processing requires routing IO from filesystem to the GPU ususally through the kernel and back out where giving the GPU direct access to the block device would be much quicker.

Keynote: Kernel Developer Panel: Core & Embedded – Greg Kroah-Hartman, Will Deacon, Sebastian Hesselbarth, Peter Zijlstra, Jon Corbet (Moderator)
Interesting and varied discussion on what it’s like to be a kernel developer and various issues with integrating ARM stuff.

What Science Fiction Can Teach Us About Building Communities – Dawn Foster, Puppet Labs
So anoher fluffy talk in similar vein to the Game of thrones one. lots of pretty good advice linked to various scifi books. I’ve now got on my amazon wish list.

SSD and HDD Performance Testing – Christoph Mitasch, Thomas-Krenn
Really interesting talk about a benchmarking tool that does hdd and ssd benchmark testing, there was a bunch of good stuff about ssds and performance . Sadly the slides don’t appear to be anywhere.

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