AntBot: Make Your Own AntBot



Above we can see AntBot ‘in the flesh. Ignoring the lego framework that supports the camera, to assemble your own AntBot you need the following*:



*You will also need some standard issue male-female copper wires to connect the boards as well as a Serial-USB cable to connect the Arduino to the smartphone.

The prices quoted are taken from Proto-Pic at the time of writing and as such it may be prudent to shop around in case these have changed. While a Nexus 5 is listed, the framework can theoretically be deployed on any Android smartphone with a sufficient level of processing power.


To connect the chassis to the motor driver board, simply connect as directed in the following. Each ‘channel’ corresponds to a wheel, i.e. Channel 1 -> Wheel 1 etc.


To connect the Ardunio to the motor driver board, connect like so:



The colours correspond to the channels in the picture above.


First step done, now it’s time to calibrate the chassis!