RoboAnt: Remote Control

Follow up to RoboAnt: Build your own Android robot

It’s vital we can control our soon-to-be autonomous robot! Fortunately, that’s really easy with the code provided on . Here’s how…


Get it on Google Play

Get the app from Play Store or get the source from RoboantAndroid.

If you choose to compile it from source you will also need OpenCV For Android and usb-serial-for-android.


Flash sketch from RoboantArduino on your Arduino. When powered up the LED should blink slowly.


The server is written using Python and Twisted framework. It uses pygame for visualization. To install it simply do:

pip install roboant_server


easy_install roboant_server

This will also make sure you have the two dependencies, twisted and pygame. To launch the server:


And you should see a similar screen:


The QR code represents your IP and port address. Using the Roboant Android app, you can quickly scan the code and connect to the server, saving you from typing the IP address manually.


Turn on the Zumo Robot, plug everything in and start the app on your Android device.  Optionally, connect any usb joystick to your laptop. Then, start the server:


You can control the robot with either the arrow keys or (much easier) with a joystick. Congratulations, you have set up remote control!

If you encounter any problems or comments, please email me on akodzhabashev AT gmail DOT com

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