Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 1st April 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer,  Kendal Reid ITO


No reps were in attendance, there is an INF1B coursework due that is 100% coursework, so the students will be busy working on that.


No reps were in attendance.


SDP the students now have the website template.

FNLP the students who had extensions for the coursework still haven’t received their marks.  The coursework was part hand written and part electronic, which was marked by automaker, they feel that marks received for the written part where harsh and the feedback didn’t give a lot of feedback of where the students had went wrong.

OS the students are still waiting for coursework 2 to be returned!

Third year students carrying second year courses will be treated in the same way as the current UG2 students.  Coursework will be considered together with performance in other examinations.  If the board cannot find sufficient evidence to support progression it is likely that some form of summer assessment will take place.


AGTA the students had asked if it was possible to receive their paper copies of the coursework, to view their feedback as the coursework covers the learning outcomes of the course, but as the paper copies are currently being held in the ITO,  this is not possible.

DS there was issues with the students not getting any response on Piazza until the day before the coursework was due.


MLP there is still no feedback received yet for coursework 2.  *Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

IRR grades appeared on the Learn page this morning and then they were taken down again, this cause upset within the class, the lecturer has now announced on Piazza that the grades will be out next week.  ** We believe this will be possible this week **


Will the format of the exam be modified?  No all the exams were set before the Pandemic.  There may be some very minor changes, to take account of the open book nature of the exam context.  The examination papers will be available for download in pdf format in LEARN.  All examinations will be considered open book.  If some students don’t have access to certain programs when working from home the School will accept photographs of exam questions that had to be handwritten.  ** Detailed advice on this is being developed at the moment. **

It is likely that the examination timings will closely follow the published examination timetable and students should expect this.  However, the timetable is being considered at the moment and there may be revisions to the timetable.

For many courses the coursework covers most of the learning outcomes and so the coursework may be sufficient to could award a pass or fail or a grade fro the course.  The final details are still being developed.  The School is awaiting more information.  Stuart is working on the FAQ and letters that will go out to all students that will give much more detailed guidance on what will be put into place when we have definitive information.

It was asked if a list of courses could be sent out indicating what courses will be considered as pass or fail and what ones will be awarded a grade.  *Action Stuart – this will be done once the University guidance is finalised.*


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 18th March 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer,  Gillian Bell ITO Manager, Kendal Reid ITO.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Closure of Buildings

The Bayes Centre                             12 noon Thursday 19th March

Appleton Tower                               5pm Thursday 19th March

The Informatics Forum                  5pm Thursday 19th March

You should assume you will have no access to buildings for an extended period.

We are aware that this is disruptive, particularly for those whose courses have a hardware element.  While the buildings remain open please take the opportunity to collect everything that you need from the Appleton Tower.  The building is remaining open to permit an orderly shutdown NOT to allow any further work on lab-based coursework.

You are not permitted to remove hardware or equipment from the laboratory.  In assessing lab-based work we will take the closure of buildings into account and the resulting curtailment of coursework and projects.

Staff need your help to tidy up and leave everything in a suitable state for the shutdown.  This will be their only activity during the day.  If you do return to the building please be as helpful as you can, contribute to the tidy-up of the lab and ensure that your activity does not obstruct the work of staff involved in the shutdown.

In these difficult times our highest priority is everyone’s health and safety.  We regret the need to curtail lab-based work in this way but it is essential and is entirely motivated by the need to ensure your safety.   Thank you for your cooperation and help.

All University Libraries will close but the Main Library in George Square will remain open from 9 am – 5pm only.

AT will have critical building support and they will maintain the DICE servers while the building is closed, the servers can also be maintained remotely.  Information on remote access to School of Informatics systems can be found here:


Non-honours examinations will not be going ahead, progression to the next year of study will be determined by coursework performance.

Honours and MSc courses will be done remotely, and it was asked what will happen with the time differences across the countries while doing the exam, more information will follow *Stuart*.  If anyone has issues of not having the use of computing equipment should contact Computing Support.  It was asked if the exams that are scheduled close together could be re-arranged, all exam timetables are done via Examinations and not subject to change.

The University is aware that there is concern over Graduations ceremonies being cancelled due to ban of large gatherings and concerns over students having who have job offers in July, but due to the extraordinary circumstances, this can’t be helped.


No reps in attendance.


No reps in attendance.


SDP the students feel that the marking wasn’t justified according to the marking criteria.  The Reps have been told that there are not to remove their robots from the labs during closure.  Barbara will be sending out an email to the class.

CS the students don’t know what will be covered in the exam, and there has been no lectures to assist with coursework 3, and there is no support on Piazza, the lecturer has sent out some emails but they are not clear.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*


MLP the issue with some students had with the cluster corruption during the occupation had applied for a one week extension, but the School gave all courses a one week extension for all coursework, but the students who requested an extension are still unsure if they are still entitled to the week extension over the blanket one.  *Sophie will send out an email*

Final year Honours and MInf project presentations are cancelled for this year.  This will not  affect the assessment of the project, which remains entirely on the basis of the project report, there is a  revised deadline for submission is 17 April.



IRR the marks have still not been returned, as they are still waiting on the markers completing the marking.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 4th March 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Stuart started the meeting off by asking what Teaching has been affected through the years, and let him know, as the School has no way of knowing in advance of what is and isn’t affected, as staff on Strike are not obliged to inform the School. [A form will be circulated shortly.]



INF1-OP is running well and there are no concerns, the students are busy working on coursework 2.

Stuart has spoken with Information Services along with the Director of Teaching for Maths (as Maths have the use of this lecture theatre as well) regarding the Wi-Fi issues in the Gordon Aikman Building, the students have been having issues using Tophat as the Wi-Fi is unreliable.  Information Services are now going to look at the locations of the Wi-Fi hubs as they are based at the front of the lecture theatre and would be better placed amongst the students.

INF1-CG two lectures last week were cancelled due to the Strike action, and one was cancelled this week.

There has been no Maths Workshops being held and marks have not yet been returned from the previous ones. [This is specific to some tutorial groups – we will check with mathematics on who is affected.]



The lectures haven’t been affected by the Strike but coursework 3 is late in being released.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*


Stuart asked the students if Probability with Applications lectures have been affected?   It was reported that there is no support to cover this course and INFPals don’t cover it either.  It was suggested to contact Maths Base because it is a Mathematics course.  Stuart explained that next year there is a new course starting called Discrete Mathematics and Probability this will be replacing DMMR and PWA.


CS had one lecture on Friday 28th February as this was a non-strike day and there will be none this week or next week, there is no support available on Piazza.  Coursework 2 is due to be submitted on Friday 6th March, coursework 3 is due on 3rd April and the students are unclear about what this will cover due to the lecturer being on strike.

CN the feedback for coursework 2 has been pushed back by 10 days due to students that have been granted extensions and coursework 3 relies on the feedback from coursework 2.

SDP the students are happy that their next Demo has been moved forward by a week due to the occupation of AT.

ILP the students have still not received any feedback that was due at the end of February.

FNLP the students were happy that the lecturer provided an office hour last week but there has been no indication that another one will be made available, there is still no response on Piazza.



MLP it has been reported that the students during the occupation have encountered disk cluster corruption their home folders have been invisible or inaccessible, a week’s worth of experiments has been destroyed.  Mohammed is going to look at how many Computing Support has received over this and investigate.  The students are asking if a one week’s extension will be available.  *Action Karen and Mohammed*

QCS, NLU+, FV and THF lectures and tutorials have been cancelled.


IoTSSC the occupation to AT meant the labs were affected.


Music Informatics lectures have been cancelled.

Speech Synthesis (PPLS) lectures have also been cancelled .



Stuart explained that what hasn’t been taught through the Strike action will not be assessed, if the exam paper has been set then any questions covering anything not taught will be redacted from the exam paper.

It was asked if toilet disinfectant dispensers could be installed in the toilets in AT.  Kendal has spoken to the Cleaning Supervisor, and the answer was it is something that will not be supplied.

The question about refunds due to loss of teaching,  Stuart informed the Reps that no refunds will be made, due to the terms and conditions, see the link:

However, it may be possible to claim for additional expenses arising as a result of the strike. In addition the University will be establishing a Student Opportunity Fund that may be an additional source of funds.  See under the heading “Teaching and Studies” on this page:



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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 26th February 2020

In attendance: Jane Hillston Head of School, Kendal Reid ITO

Strike Action – Appleton Tower was occupied at 6am this morning by students who are supporting the current strike action.  Neil informed the Reps that they should leave AT by 2pm this afternoon.  Security won’t stop students or supporters entering the building It is advised that no-one should enter the building as it is a Health and Safety issue, as the building is not staffed and some of the doors have been padlocked shut.

The ITO  has been relocated to Room 2.33 Informatics Forum and all coursework that has to be submitted can be done by handing it into the Forum reception.  Computing Support Staff and Technicians have also be relocated to the Forum, if any issues arise they can be contacted here:

Timetabling are currently working on moving any lectures and tutorials that were due to take place in AT.

As the servers are also based in AT this could prove to be an issue for connecting to DICE.

This occupation will not affect the exam dates that are set, this is due to a tight timetable of the exam dates,  exam boards and then the Graduation Dates, these cannot change.

 INFPals is currently looking at alternative venues.

UG3 – The students are concerned about the SDP Demo’s that were scheduled for today, this is being looked into by Barbara Web, it is suggested that the students should take video recordings of their robot demo’s.  The School is currently looking at alternative labs that the students can use for SDP, they are looking at the possibility of using Argyle House.

CS – the lecturer and the TA are both on strike and the coursework is due in 9 days for part one and the submit instructions didn’t work, part two no submission instructions were provided and for part 3 there was a submit command error, the students have emailed the TA and there has been no response on Piazza and this is now urgent, there is no strike action scheduled for Friday 29th, so could Neil get the lecturer or TA to reply then?  *Action Neil*

FNLP – the coursework questions are still unclear, the lecturer has now advertised an office hour to help but the replies on Piazza are still vague!  *Action Neil*

UG4 –  The MLP deadline has now been extended by a week.

The Reps are meeting with Stephen Gilmore on Friday to discuss a Honours Project extension due to the strike, with disruption of not having access to DICE and some supervisors being on strike and not available.

MSc – It was asked about students receiving compensation for the lost teaching hours, Neil will look into this. (University Terms and Conditions explicitly exclude this…)


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 12th February 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO


UG1 – Nothing to report.

UG2 – Nothing to report, just busy with the INF2-IADS deadline due today.

UG3 – The students are concerned about the upcoming Strike actions, and how this will affect their work especially with SDP as the Strike falls on days where there is Demo’s and the students are worried that some of the people in their groups will not attend as they will not want to cross the picket line and how this will affect their group marks.

ILP Stephen Gilmore is hoping to the preliminary marks back to the students by the end of February.

UG4 – Nothing to report.

UG5 – NLC coursework requires you to work with a partner for coursework one and two, but you are not allowed to work with the same partner, although the coursework has already passed the students don’t see what the point it having to find a new partner for the second coursework.

MSc – There appears to be some discontent regarding MLP but this will be discussed at today’s SSLC meeting.


General – Strike action is a concern for the students, Stuart is planning to discuss this with Neil Heatley and Gillian Bell next week, and send some information out to the students.  The exam setting deadline is this Friday 14th February, so all the exams will be set before the strike happens, the School don’t know what teaching staff will be taking part in the action as they are not obliged to say.  There is also concern about the fees that students are paying and the loss of teaching hours.  (University Terms and Conditions exclude such payments…)

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Student Staff Rep Meeting – 5th February 2020

General issues:

The meeting began with a general discussion of Wi-Fi issues in the Gordon Aikman Lecturer Theatre – there was a suggestion from Mohammed for all the students in 1st year to submit an individual ticket complaining about the Wi-Fi, however this would likely create a negative response from the ISS team and would possibly cause more issues that it would solve. The idea was therefore shelved for now.

Action: Stuart Anderson will instead email the director of Information Services to discuss the issue.

Update: Week commencing 24 Feb work will be carried out to improve the situation in Gordon Aikman theatre.

Personal Tutors – it was commented that students can call their PTs from the telephone list if they are having trouble getting hold of them. However, for things with deadlines such as course choices, students can contact the SST or ITO for help.

Lecture recordings – Informatics 2 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (INFR08026) and Data Visualisation (INFR11190) not being recorded. Data Visualisation, in particular, is not being recording by choice of the lecturer. As well as this, Data Visualisation does not have a Learn page but does have an inf web page.

Learn MeetingAction: Neil Heatley to confirm meeting date with Stuart Anderson and Alex Burford.

Level 9 – Level 9 continues to receive complains regarding the temperature. Estates will now be monitoring heating on Level 9 to establish what it is they need to do to fix the issue.

Strikes – As staff do not need to tell us they are striking, it is difficult to comment on what will and what will not be affected. When attempting to minimise disturbance, priority is given to final year students.

UG1 – no comments

UG2 – Probability with Applications (MATH08067) has received some complaints – The lecture does not always explain the use of what he is teaching; the majority of lecture time is spent on proofs which the lecturer then comments that the students do not need to know proofs. The lectures are very theoretical and do not have enough problems in them. However, this is the last year PWA will run.

Action: UG2 rep to email Neil Heatley with more information; Neil Heatley to speak to the School of Mathematics.

Coursework published late for Informatics 2 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (INFR08026) – as it is a short deadline, can the students have two extra days to submit the coursework?

Action: Neil Heatley to talk to Mary Cryan and John Longley.

Tutorials for Informatics 2 – Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (INFR08026) and Informatics 2B – Learning (INFR08028) have been poor in quality. There are undergraduate students teaching them who seem lost at times and are unable to help with problems that students have.

There was some general discussion about the quality of tutors – tutor training is seen as useless and it was questioned how much support tutors receive from the course organiser. In general, tutors need to have a better baseline knowledge.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Mary Cryan and John Longley about support for tutors.

UG3 – There were complaints about the feedback received for System Design Project (INFR09032). Reps commented that the marking was very harsh and they feel they have been penalised for not including aspects that they were told were not required or that the instructions did not make clear were required. As well as this, the tone of the feedback was harsh. The main issue is with transparency and consistency between SDP experts and the marks received.  It needs to be clearer what is being asked of students in the coursework.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Barbara Webb.

Foundations of Natural Language Processing (INFR09028) has had complaints about the automarker not accepting coursework. A lot of time is spent trying to get automarker to accept the coursework.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Alex Lascarides.

Software Testing (INFR10057) – lectures have been slow; multiple examples are used to explain an idea, however each example is very similar and so are not useful and wastes time. The lecturer spends too much time on the slides and does not complete them within the lecture. However, it is unclear whether this effects future lectures and whether previous lectures continue into the next lecture to make up for not finishing the previous lecture.

Computer Security (INFR10067) – this weeks tutorial sheet was only released this week and therefore students were going to the Monday tutorial without having had seen the handout.

UG4 – Forum access was briefly discussed however, this issue has already been resolved and UG4 can now apply for forum access.

UG5 – Internet of Things Systems, Security, and the Cloud (IoTSSC) (INFR11146) lecturers have not been providing the videos that students are asked to watch before each lecture in a timely manner. Students are not receiving videos until two days before the lecture and are having difficulty finding time to watch them.

Action: Stuart Anderson to talk to Paul Patras.

MSc – no comments.

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 29th January 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Adam Kirylczuk Computing Support, Karen Davidsons Student Support Officer, Lisa Branney Student Support Officer, Sophie Mills Student Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Karen opened the meeting with introducing the Student Support Officers to the Reps and gave them a brief description of what they can do to help, they are there to help with any issues such as personal issues, academic problems, special circumstances that need raised etc.  The SSO’s would like to be able to raise awareness to the student body of their services and asked the Reps for any ways they think they could do this such as posters, cards, emails etc., they will follow up from this meeting by sending out some information to the Reps via email.


The students are happy with the way the INF1B course is running, the issue with the Wi-Fi in the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre is still on-going, so the lecturer has stopped using Tophat and is doing questions and answers with the audience and the students are happy with this.

Mohammed has raised the Wi-Fi issues with IS and hopes to have a response for next week’s meeting.  ** So far Mohammed has had no response – he suggested that if all UG1 students etc submitted a unidesk ticket this might provoke a response – discuss DoLT is not sure this would be seen as helpful or collegiate. **


Probability with Applications the lecturer is reported to be very good, and the course is much better than DMMR, DMMR will not be running next year from 20/21.

INF2A-IADS the students feel the course is becoming too Mathematical.


It was reported that some students had issues getting in touch with their PT to make course changes before the deadline of the end of week 2, Karen mentioned that if these issues arise then they should report this to the SSO’s or the ITO, the SSO’s can put this to the Senior PT and the ITO can help with the changes.  It is also worth mentioning that after week 6 if any course changes that are requested for Honours courses it then shows up on the students record as being Withdrawn from the course.  PT office locations can be found on the Informatics telephone list, students can go to the Forum and reception will allow entry.

It was asked if lecturers could be given a guide on how to use Tophat, Neil said that this information was sent out to them in advance of classes!

ST the lecturer is taking too long to set up her lectures, setting up Windows and Tabs etc.

SDP the Project Plan deadline is too soon, the students feel the turnaround between getting feedback returned and submitting  a 6 page report 3 days later is too short of a timescale to produce.

CS has a new lecturer and the students are happy with the way the lecturers are going, they felt that coursework one on the quiz was not helpful and it wasn’t a good format.   *Action Stuart*


Stephen Gilmore has now taken over from Helen Pain as 4th year Project Co-ordinator, so the students should have better communication, they have their Dissertation Writing session scheduled for next week.

UG4 access to the Forum will be granted next week.


It was asked when the deadline for the release of the exam marks are? It is tomorrow Thursday 31st January for all years.

DS the students have heard that the lecture times are likely to change and they are not happy with it, but due to clashes it is likely that the lecture time will change.


Semester one SSLC meeting has not been rearranged, Ray Finlayson in the ITO is waiting for Bjoern Franke to get back to him with a date.  *Action Stuart*

It was asked about the policy on lecture recordings, Stuart said at the moment the School does have an opt out policy, which allows a lecturer to opt out of having their lecture recorded within reason, but from next year it will be policy across the School to have all lectures recorded unless there is a very good reason not to.

If there are courses that are not recorded but need to be due to clashes then Stuart can talk to the lecturer to see what can be done.


Level 9 is still cold, Neil will bring this up at the Estates Meeting next week.  *Action Neil*


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 22nd January 2020

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Mohammed Javaid Computing Support, Kendal Reid ITO


The students feel the INF1B course is well organised and the information supplied is adequate.  There is a wi-fi issue with students registering with TopHat in the lecture, it is held in the Gordon Aikman Lecture Theatre which holds over 400 students.  *Action Mohammed to discuss with Information Services Group*


INF2B Learning – the practical is available in Matlab and Python but guidance on which to use is not clear.  It seems the practical was originated in Matlab and has ben transferred to Python.  This means the Python version may deviate from expected behaviour.  This is the last year this course will run and so the practical will be replaced.


PI the students felt the feedback was not helpful, Stuart explained that he had to get the feedback to the class before the exam and he thought the grading explaining where grades were gained and lost would be helpful.  He recognizes that additional text feedback would be helpful.  Overall students performed well in the examination and coursework.

IAML students are still not happy with the lack of the response regarding the feedback from Semester one and that there will be no remarks.  There was a discussion on the marking of the number of decimal places used in answers – this varied from question to question and had been flagged up as an issue in one of the Labs.

CS there is a clash with ITCS which means students who want to take this course, can’t! The lecturer is also going too fast in the lecture, the slides are from last year, they are not being supplied with any reading in advance of lectures, and he is asking questions on things that haven’t been covered yet.  *Action Stuart*


The UG4 Intern Project Report originally the deadline was Friday 24th January and this has now been extended to Friday 31st January, an email has now been sent out to the class with further information.


MLP students have been asking questions regarding coursework one feedback and there has been no response.  *Action Stuart*  There have been issues with the volume of questions and trying to deal with multiple instances of the same question.


IRR the submission deadline is Thursday 23rd January and there is no link for submission. This has been repaired.



Royal Bank of Scotland has approached the School to ask if they could do something with the students about what they do with Data Science, Stuart asked the Reps what they thought would be a good approach, a workshop with recruiters and staff, a student tech meet up or an anonymous data hack?

The National Student Survey will soon be released and the School needs at least 50% of the student body to complete this, do the students have any idea of how to encourage the students to complete this?  Other than display information on PC’s, emails, posters etc.!

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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 27th November 2019

In attendance: Neil Heatley Head of Student Services, Kendal Reid ITO

Apologies: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching

Actions from last week:

Access to the Informatics Forum, Neil is still looking into this.  *Action Neil*

When will additional monitors to be made available on Level 9?  *Action Kendal*

The power sockets on Level 9 have now been fixed.

Drainage issues at the entrance to the basement, Neil will take this to the Building Committee Meeting next week.  *Action Neil*


Not much to report, there was some issues but the Reps took this directly to the lecturer.

Can the Reps advise the CL class that it is very important to attend tutorial 10, as the tutorial will be a take home paper, that is a mock exam and the solutions will be covered in the tutorial.


Nothing to report, the students are busy with coursework deadlines.

INF2C-CS there are not enough Demonstrators available in the drop in lab, Neil advised that the School is planning the year ahead to have more resources made available.

INF2C-SE the work load is too heavy for a 10 credit course.


The Reps had their SSLC meeting this week, that went well.


It was asked if the School has a Careers Advisors specifically for Informatics, we do and his name is Steve Norman and he is based in the Main Library Building.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


The ITO will look for the Christmas decorations, to put on Level 6.  *Action Kendal*

It was asked if more events could be held, as the students feel there isn’t a lot of student interaction especially within the MSc year.

Neil suggested to make some suggestion of what kind of thing they would like to do potentially at the start of Semester 2 and the School could provide funding.  The Reps also feel more events held in AT would potentially raise attendance.


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Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 13th November 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head of Informatics Student Services, Alison Downie Computing Support Officer, Kendal Reid ITO

Actions from last week:

Stuart is still to talk to the lecturer for INF2-IADS about cutting down the material in his lecture slides.  *Action Stuart to talk to the lecturer*

UG1 the issues with the flickering slides appears to be related to the refreshing times being so much faster on newer Macs than those on the Echo360 boxes. IS are aware of this and it is currently with their maintenance team, until a permanent fix has been put in place, the following workaround was suggested: connect via VGA (rather than HDMI).   This has now been tested and recordings are now displaying correctly for this class.

Stuart has still to talk to the IVR lecturer.  *Action Stuart*

Neil still needs to look into student access to the Informatics Forum.  *Action Neil*

Stuart spoke to the Information Services Group about location gathering and is still awaiting a response.

Stuart will bring the Good Practice Auto-marking issue to the Teaching Committee today.  *Action Stuart*


It was asked if INF1 will be running revision lectures, but it was suggested to ask the lecturer directly and if he isn’t keen, then maybe a tutor could do it, as the class it so large and only the Gordon Aikman lecture theatre can accommodate a class of this size, if the space is unavailable, it may be the case that two sessions will be required.  If the students do require any extra help, then they can attend the drop in labs and InfBase.


The students doing INF2C-SE still feel that this is not worth a 10 credit course, there are 3 coursework’s and the reading is too much, Stuart mentioned that this will be the last time this course runs, next year it be a new course and will be a 20 credit course.  *Action Stuart*

DMMR the students feel they really want the use of Tophat, although teaching has nearly finished, again this course will change to DMP next year with new staff and Tophat will be in use.

INF2C-CS coursework one has now been returned and the students are happy with the results and happy with the course.

INF2-IADS there has been an improvement in the slides with the second lecturer taking over, they are a lot clearer, more like slides rather than to notes.


IAML the coursework, the box that the students have to complete a question in, there isn’t enough space in it, and the coursework states that if there is too much in it, it won’t be marked, and also you have to complete 17 rows and there is only enough space for 8.

The issues with asking questions publicly on Piazza is still the same, the TA will answer privately asked questions on Piazza but the lecturers won’t answer the publicly asked ones.  *Action Stuart*


HCI  coursework one the submission deadline was 4 weeks ago and the coursework has still not been returned.  *Action Stuart*

It was reported that students on joint degrees where not receiving emails send to the ug4-students mailing list, they were only receiving emails sent to the course specific mailing list, this issue has now been resolved.

CG the coursework was released on Tuesday 12th November, and it was a day late but the lecturer is trying to set up a Poll to see if the coursework deadline should be moved.  *Action Stuart*


It was asked if mid semester feedback is available, this is only the case of students have actually gave any feedback!  Stuart will bring this to Teaching Committee, and ask about a better approach to md semester feedback.

IVC the coursework was released in week 7, 8th November and is due on the 22nd November, the Piazza page was also only set up this week and the information was not made available until very late into the course, there has been complaints been made.  *Action Stuart and Neil*


Computing Support reported that quota for UG4 students is agreed on the basis of teaching needs, 10GB is deemed more than adequate, should a student require more for e.g. for project work, then the process is not difficult. They can ask their supervisor to endorse the request and they can fill in the support form, depending on how much they require, it may be more appropriate to give them ‘group’ space – increasing their home directory is not always the best option, for example, if a student requires a further 100GB space, they would not add this to their home directory allocation.

It was also asked if students can stop un-plugging screens, keyboards and mice from the DICE machines. Computing Support do run regular checks on the labs – a report is produced daily but they do not have the resource available to visit labs daily to fix these issues if students do un-plug screens etc. then they should plug  them back in when they are finished.

Neil mentioned the email he sent round last week about Edinburgh Features Institute workshop next Wednesday and it would be good if some Reps could attend.

It was asked if Qais Pantankar being the UG School Rep if he could ask EUSA about the timing of the Rep elections, currently the PG Reps elections are held just before the MSc students start, which means Informatics currently do not have a PG Rep, and EUSA say that they don’t have enough resources to hold a By-election.  Neil has also been in touch with Sarah Moffat the Rep and Democracy Manager in EUSA.

The on-line calendars are reported to be wrong, but this is a timetabling issue as this year is the first year that timetabling are responsible for organising tutorials and lecturers, and as it is new it will take time to import all information from various systems like EUCLID etc.


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