Minutes of Meeting on 08/03/2017

In attendance: Bjoern Franke (Director Teaching), Christophe Dubach (UG3 Course Organiser), Neil Heatley (ISS Manager), Alison Downie (Computing Support)

Bjoern informed the Reps that the late return of the AILP mark has now been escalated to the Head of School.  IRR feedback has now been released – this was late due to some tutors returning their marks late.  There was a Theon error that caused there to be a problem with the distribution of the ATFD and PM marks, this has also been fixed.  The April exam timetable has now been released.

No issues.

There was a problem with the INF2D coursework 1, the files were not up to date and this caused some confusion, the students had tried to contact the TA and lecturer with no response. It was asked if an extension could be given. Bjoern has now spoke to the lecturer and an 3 days extension has now been granted until Tuesday 14th March.

The Reps are happy with the exam timetable being quite spaced out between exams.

No Reps attended, due to a coursework deadline.

No Reps attended as the UG4 Rep meeting was being held with the Course Organiser.

The Reps felt that the RL coursework was difficult and very time consuming, and should be reviewed for next year.  Some students did not realise that the IRR course was just a pass or fail.  MLP coursework 3 has been returned but the students would have liked to have more feedback on the marking and the grades issued.  Steve Renals has emailed the DoT with more information on the marking – please contact the lecturer if there are specific questions.

The bins in Forrest Hill are overflowing, it was asked if there could be more supplied.  There is some concern over the well-being of some students. Neil will send out a general email about students taking care of themselves in the lead up to the exams.  It was also asked if showers will be available in Appleton Tower, but this would need to be looked into.

Neil also said that K9 (canine massage clinic) Scotland has invited Informatics to take part in a 20 minute dog stroking session, this would be held in Teviot with 100 slots available to book possibility around the 14th April.

There is still issues with students running jobs in the back ground on the PC’s, Computer Support have been checking the labs and kicking people of the PC’s who are stopping others from using them.  They are currently updating the CS web page with information on how students can log people of on their own and will put up more posters.

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