Minutes of Meeting on 29/03/2017

In attendance: Bjoern Franke (Director of Teaching), Heather Walker
(Communications Officer, Jennifer Oxley (Computing Support)

Heather Walker opened the meeting with information on a Come and Meet the Graduates working in local Industry, this will be a Q and A session in the Informatics Forum, Room 4.31/4.33 on Monday 3rd April 2017 from 6pm – 7pm.

She also asked the Reps if they are aware of any issues of laddish behaviour, in which they said they were not aware of any situations but sometimes people can take things the wrong way depending on their personalties.  The School will shortly be conducting Staff and
Student culture surveys to look at the culture of Informatics from a diversity and equally point of view.  The last student culture survey was 2014.

Everything is going well, the INF1-OP and Calculus Mock exams are starting next week.

No Reps attended this week.

No Reps attended this week.

ALE is now one month late, Bjoern will talk with the lecturer.  There was some concern over the labs being shut next week due to the INF1 mock exams as the 4th year Project deadline is on Thursday 6th April.

The weighting for MLP seems to be unbalanced, the 1st coursework is worth 10, 2 and 3 are work 25 and the last one is worth 40, they feel that if they do badly on the final coursework they could potentially fail the course.

Bjoern is still in talks with Gillian Bell (ITO Manager) about anonymous marking. Students feel that they are spending too much time on TNLP which is a 10 credit course, Bjoern will also talk with the lecturer and give him an opportunity to reply to the Blog.

Jennifer said that Alison Downie would like to thank the students for paying attention to the information she has sent out about running jobs in the backgrounds. Although some students are still blocking machines and/or using the student gateway machines (e.g. SSH or NX servers), they have been advised to use a cluster or compute server. It was also asked that students DO NOT unplug the machines.  Computing Support are also trying to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the machines, but some student insist on eating and drinking at the machines, and this is not suppose to happen.

Study space was mentioned, there is limited space within Forrest Hill but the students can also utilise the space in Appleton Tower, the main library and the Informatics Forum.

The University has licensed lynda.com, in which students can search video lectures
on various topics and information on Java, C Programming and many other topics.


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14 Responses to Minutes of Meeting on 29/03/2017

  1. srenals says:

    60% weighting for the most substantial coursework seems fair to me, especially considering a 2-hour exam for many courses is weighted at 70% or more.

  2. s1337682 says:

    Any chance there’s been an update on AILP?

    • bfranke says:

      AILP is currently being marked by an alternative marker.

      • s1337682 says:

        Would it be possible to send out a formal email to inform everyone on the course? I know many people wanting an update who may not read the minutes!

        • s1438687 says:

          Would it even be possible to hold some kind of meeting for students of AILP to ask what is going on? It seems like this has been quite a serious turn of events and it would be good if we could have a proper discussion about it.

  3. srenals says:

    of course I meant 40% weighting! (although exams are indeed weighted at 70%)

  4. s1436674 says:

    There have not been any UG3 reps in attendance since 01/03/2017. As a UG3 student I am starting to wonder why we even have reps if they do not attend meetings. Surely they can’t be voicing our opinions and represent our interests if they do not even attend..?

    • s1412880 says:

      As one of the UG3 reps, speaking only for myself, I have not been made aware of any issues in courses lately, which is why I have not been in the meetings lately. Since we do not take all of the courses available to UG3 it is also up to the other UG3 students to let us know of any issues. 🙂

      • s1408218 says:

        I feel that attending the meeting is your duty as a UG3 rep. Regardless of whether there are issues or not, you should still attend the meetings, that is the reason why you were elected 🙂 It’s 1h/week, I don’t think that’s such a big commitment.

        Also I disagree your point that it’s up to the other UG3 students to let you know about issues going on. As a year rep, it is *your* responsibility to reach out to students and find out if they are experiencing any issues. For example, you could send an email out to all UG3 students once a week. Surely that’s not too much work and I’m sure you’ll get lots of feedback.

  5. helen says:

    re ALE feedback on assignment 1. The assignment was submitted on Monday 27th February. It is just over a month since submission, so the feedback is not one month late. As explained to the students, providing feedback on UG4 dissertations is my higher priority just now, then I will get to the assignment marking.

  6. scohen says:

    I have to admit I was surprised by that comment, as I was not under the impression the course requires work more than that of a typical 10 credit course, especially given the mid-semester feedback I had received.

    In any case, I will re-assess the coursework involved and try to understand the reason that certain students perceive it as requiring more work than I had imagined. I believe this has to do with the pencil-and-paper assignment, which some students may have found too hard or too time consuming. I am not sure it would be a good idea to make the assignment less challenging, but I will try to find a solution for that.

  7. s1316116 says:

    Why didn’t the UG2 reps attend and mention about inf2D?

  8. s1666137 says:

    Can it be clarified which areas of the Informatics Forum we may use to study? I was under the impression that we don’t have access to that building unless meeting staff members or for events.

    • bfranke says:

      Essentially, all the open spaces are available to students. Students have free access to the building, but you may need to sign in. Please keep in mind that seminar rooms are almost always booked – even members of staff have a hard time to find an available seminar room in the building. There are also frequent events held in the Atrium and the two large open spaces (MF1 and MF2).

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