Staff Student Rep Meeting 05/04/2017

In attendance: Mary Cryan (UG3 Course Organiser), Rik Sarkar (UG2 Course Organiser), Carol Dow (Computing Support)

No reps were in attendance.

No reps were in attendance, but they had been in contact with Bjoern Franke about issues with the INF2D coursework 1 marking, the low marks and the lack of feedback. Bjoern is meeting with Michael Herrmann the lecturer and Rik Sarkar the Course Organiser. There is also a INF2B deadline due today 5th April.

Update: Rik has met with Michael. Some issues around INF2D marking have been identified and some submissions got re-evaluated. Michael has agreed to release individualised feedback to enable students to check where they have lost marks. As of yesterday (April 12, 2017) this hasn’t yet happened.

No reps were in attendance.

No reps were in attendance as the 4th Year Project deadline is tomorrow, Thursday 6th April.

IRP: There appears to be confusion whether or not the course is marked on a

Update from Mary: Slides online right now (from IRP introductory lecture) say
“numerical mark” for IRP. The MSc rep which talked about this thought that they were originally told pass/fail but slides have been *edited*. She also asked could there be a later IRP deadline in future years. I think it’s not *allowed* by Uni/CSE to go past week 12
(as I mentioned to her, it will of course help if we enforce our coursework deadlines to satisfy the rules we have for deadline-setting).

The students would like more example slides for revision for MLPR and RC.

Update from Mary: What they want is “Example questions with answers” as
these are theoretical courses (and the exam paper solutions are not published). (*) For MLPR I thought that getting solutions to
(a) coursework questions and
(b) 5 tutorial sheets
sounded like enough. *But* we may want to ask the MLPR lecturer(s) can they do more??

(*) For RC I will try to put up a bit more stuff, and have some office hours late April/early May.

SP only has a past paper from 2013/2014 available on the Library web page, Mary will will talk to the lecturer and see if any more can be available.

Update from Mary: Will ask him (sending email now)

It was asked if it was ok for students the use any open spaces in the Informatics Forum, and it is although some spaces can be noisier than others i.e. MF1 is quieter than MF2. There are also areas on all floors by the stairs that have chairs and plug sockets, students can also use the library.

The plan to move back to Appleton Tower will start in May, when level 5 will be opened up for students to use over the summer.

Students are still eating and drinking at the PC’s in the Drill Hall, which shouldn’t be happening, despite their being signs and emails sent out.


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3 Responses to Staff Student Rep Meeting 05/04/2017

  1. s1673517 says:

    Can something be done about the air conditioning units in 1.B32? Whenever they come on they blow air directly at all the desks underneath them which blows any paper (including large multi-page documents, not just single sheets) across the room, I’ve had to just get used to weighing down everything on the desk whilst I’m working.

  2. imurray2 says:

    I contacted the class email list on 25 March pointing to a page with exam preparation advice. There is also a link on the MLPR webpage. As stated on that page (and Mary has noticed), there are quite a few questions with answers in the class materials. However, the expectation for final year / MSc is that learning becomes more independent throughout the course.

    That said, I have repeatedly stated throughout the course that I will give feedback on answers posted by students. The exam preparation page was set up precisely so that students could use the hypothesis system to check they understood the expectations for any particular question, and let the lecturer’s effort be shared with the whole class.

    MLPR has a lot of materials, more than normal for a course at this level. More engagement with what’s there would be required before I’d consider creating more.

  3. nheatley says:

    Hi all,
    Just to note that students on taught programmes do not have regular access to the Forum building and at this time there are no plans to expand this. Students should only be in the Forum to meet with supervisors or if there are scheduled activities that they are attending.

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