Staff Student Rep Meeting – Wednesday 30th January 2019

In attendance: Stuart Anderson Director of Teaching, Neil Heatley Head
of ISS, Kendal Reid ITO, Gillian McIntosh Academic Services, Jennifer Oxley Computing Support Officer, Karen Davidson Student Support Officer, Sarah Taylor Communications and Recruitment Officer

INF1-DA lectures slides were not available on-line in time for Tuesday’s lecture.  The printed slides were available in the lecture though. INF1-OP lab demonstrators are not visible in the labs.  INF1-CG it would be good if a dedicated lab for programming could be made available as some students from PPLS are struggling and also requiring help with DICE.  Stuart will look into this.

INF2D lecturer has been reported to be writing and talking to fast, they also can’t read his writing on the iPad and the lecture appears to be finishing 10 to 15 minutes earlier than it is suppose to be.  Stuart will talk to the lecturer.  There appears to be no outline to the Probability with Application lectures and no recordings available.

CS tutorials were delayed for a week, this is a class of 270 students and not enough tutors or tutorials, there are students taking the course that are capable of being tutors but anyone taking the course is not allowed to be employed as a tutor.  Stuart will talk to the course organiser.  The intake for UG1 and MSc students for 2019/2020 will be smaller, which should make managing courses better, and hopefully more support will be in place for larger courses.

It was asked if all exam solutions could be made available, some lecturers do not want their course solutions to be made available.  The School does allow students to view their exam papers but they are not allowed to write on the scripts, take them away or take photos.

It was asked about self proposed projects, if a student wants to self propose a project, the student can approach a potential supervisor to see if they would be interested in becoming their supervisor  I have added a link that may or may not be useful

The have been some complaints about some courses not recording, lecturers can opt of of their lecturers from being recorded.  Although there are certain situations where some students have Adjustments in place, it is up the lecturer to supply what the student requires i.e recordings, notes made available 24 hours before the lecture etc and also allow students to capture the lecture on their own equipment i.e. phone or tablet et.

Can access to the InSpace Studio be made available, Neil will look into this

Level 9 is still reported to be cold, Neil will talk to Estates and Buildings again and ask for an extension for the heating to remain on in the evenings.  The revolving door at the main entrance is still out of order, Neil will bring this up at the Buildings Committee meeting next week, as this has been out of action for months.

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